November 2012 Newsletter

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We have one major topic this week, that has multiple facets that need consideration.

GM vs Non GM or the right not to be impacted by neighbours choices or
Is it poor judgement by the Authorities.

How would your family react if your neighbour indirectly destroyed your main business income and lifestyle.
I have just been researching the latest updates on the impact that genetically modified (GM) or genetically engineered (GE) crops are having on other primary producers who are not interested in becoming GM growers. In the past five years, there have been numerous discussions about the positives and negatives of genetically modified crops, round-up  ready crops and the use of intensive chemicals in agriculture. In fact many producers have moved into organic agriculture, biological farming and chemical free farming systems, to improve the health of their families and communities. Whether you agree with the use of GM crops or not and whether you believe in the potential damage to the environment and human health caused by glyphosate or not, the argument is simply should one person or company be able to impact anothers livelihood and health.

In the past month, a Western Australian grower Steve Marsh from Kojonup, has established a landmark legal case  against his neighbour for spreading GM seed onto his family property and causing him to lose his organic status. This issue is destined to cause a large number of legal cases in coming years as most people do not realise the implications of GM crops. Canola growers will be the first to be impacted as canola is the first broadacre crop to be granted licenses to grow crops in Australia. Steve Marsh’s family from Kojunup in the WA wheatbelt are producers of organic products and they are first producers to really lay a claim for damages. The Marshes are established organic farmers or were until a neighbours GM canola entered their land and contaminated their land and crops. As an organic grower, he is not allowed to have any GM or GE contaminants in his products.

When the neighbour was considering growing GM canola, Steve Marsh pleaded with his neighbour not to grow this crop as it will contaminate his paddock. And since the WA government, Monsanto, Bayer and the WA producer bodies were supporting GM, the neighbour planted GM canola and accepted the risk. The grower, WA government, producer group and chemical companies are all at fault and should share the cost. Obviously, in hindsight, they did not truly understand the implications of approving GM technology. Now, this will form a test-case in the WA Supreme Court to establish who is at fault for the devastation caused from the action.

If you are a farmer or grazier, GM crops will affect you in the future. This is as big if not a bigger issue than the impact of mining on agriculture.
To get a fair assessment of how farmers are dealing with the issues right now in Aust and USA, then please check out these videos on youtube.
Its seems there is no such thing as a single knockdown application of glyphosate anymore.   

I do not know the answer, but wonder if the people making decisions on OUR BEHALF have the knowledge or integrity to do so.

I hope this has given you some important information.


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