Best pracice for graziers - Property planning

Property planning or farm design

Property planning or farm design is the key to developing a long term sustainable business that can minimise the negative impacts of variable seasons and maximise the benefits. A plan will enable you to better prepare for the future and record management changes to existing infrastructure. An example may be to change from a cropping to grazing enterprise or implement pasture cropping. It may also include establishment of riparian zones along waterways, off-stream watering points and reticulated watering systems. The property plan is an essential tool to record changes.

In the future, every business will need an up to date property plan to enable the development of new strategies. The farm plan has number of basic components that have not altered in many years, except for the availability of newer technologies within rural industries. It is imperative that the plan have an accurate high quality image (photograph) that can be used for planning. This can be either a hard copy or a computerised image and it can be used to record existing development and proposed changes to infrastructure and development.


Computerised Mapping

The most accurate map/plan will always be a computerised farm plan. The computerised farm plan can be as accurate as the image (better than 1 metre accuracy). To construct a computerised farm plan, you will need:

The benefits of compiling a computerised plan are:

The resources to be mapped

The key to property planning is to understand the walking distance to water for various landtypes

Example of Mapping.



Purpose of the Plan

Simplicity or Complexity

The property plan can be as simple or as complex as you would like it to be. The most useful plan is a computerised plan. If you wish to develop a property plan, give the office a call. GBP Qld are agents for AGDATA's Phoenix Map. We can assist you to set up the software, compile a map and gather required information.

Work out what you want to use the plan for? What is the main reason for the plan?

Below are some example plans:-

Original waters

Original waters

New water plan

New water plan

New Utilisation

New utilisation now

New fences

New fences



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