January 2013 Newsletter

 Hi Guys,
Welcome to the latest email update. Grazing Best Practice and Farming Best Practice

Agriculture is an extremely exciting field at the moment with so much wonderful work going on around the regions.
We must always remember that agriculture (grazing/ farming) is the most important field of work in the world and always has been. Without the food production communities, we would soon run out of food and have to import from other countries. So, even though the year of the farmer is finished, it is always year of the farmer. Now the one thing that makes our farmers the best in the world is the continuous innovation that happens every day. I have spoken to many people in past months about innovation and its importance to agriculture and the general consensus is that farmers need to drive change as only they can truly understand how to make it better – more efficient, more effective.
GBP and several other rural businesses are establishing an innovation prize to award to a number of special primary producers in Queensland and Northern NSW who are achieving levels of Best Practice. The guidelines are being developed over coming weeks. So, if you know of any innovative farmers who deserve being nominated for a Best Practice award, please let us know in coming weeks. These will be in the areas of grazing innovation, farming innovation, natural resource innovation, horticultural innovation, best practice award.
Grazing BestPrac is proud to be presenting the “NTS Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture” course to be held on the Capricorn Coast on the 25th - 28th February. This is the must do course for all primary producers, consultants and educators in Qld. Please book early to ensure you get a seat.

We have a few topics this week, worth consideration.

And even more important – the scientists wrote a follow up paper. - http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0278691512008149

http://www.spinwatch.org/-articles-by-category-mainmenu-8/46-gm-industry/5546-smelling-a-corporate-rat  Very important for everyone to read ASAP.

Yes, we have been very lucky to get Graeme and Julie Sutherland to come to the Capricorn Coast to present the four day course this year.
Text Box:  The program will be run at the Seaspray Resort, Zilzie.
Cost of the program is $699 per person (incl gst)
The program is being supported by the Healthy Soils Inc group at Rockhampton.
Bookings essential. Phone Cathe on 07 4938 3919.

In the past year, a brand new newspaper has been established in Central Queensland. The Queensland Telegraph has an exciting new face with enthusiastic staff and a commitment to supporting the community. We have been asked to compile a column for the newspaper every week looking at issues in the rural scene. The column is titled – “What’s on in AG”. Please ask your newsagent to source it for you as it is a refreshing read and not simply full of advertising. If you have time, drop an email to the editor – Darryn Nufer darryn.nufer@queenslandtelegraph.com or call him on 07 4927 7223.

GBP has co-developed a revolutionary new seed drill that can plant directly into pastures or degraded country in your area.
Text Box:  The planter has been created by Multi-Farming Systems and Simplicity and is
a 5 metre wide tyned unit (Multi-Farming Systems) with
an airseeder (Simplicity Aus) and liquid injection capacity.
If you go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYNLGkGKqLo to see the machine working.
This unit combines the latest planting technology with a rugged design for any conditions.
The direct drill is available in central Queensland immediately. Please phone the GBP office for more info.

The range of NTS Human Health and a range of Agricultural products are now in stock at our Yeppoon office. We can arrange delivery of bulk or special orders to Clients. To see the full range go to www.nutri-tech.com.au where you will the find answer to any questions you may have about the products and can ask NTS staff any other questions you have.
Feel free to contact us for your obligation free quote.

If you are looking to source any general fertiliser products such as Urea, MAP or other products, Grazing BestPrac is the central Queensland distributor and able to supply product on order. We can also source black urea and black DAP when required.
Advanced Nutrients - http://www.advancednutrients.com.au/  

Dr Arden Anderson will be presenting his Two Day Soils and Agronomy Seminar at the Toowoomba Motel and Events Centre – “Soil to Plate to Health”.
Dr Arden Andersen is a soil scientist, agricultural consultant and a physician. He specialises in the management of soils, crops and animals in productive, profitable and environmentally sustainable way. He is a consultant on education, product formulation and market development, and a world authority in biological agriculture.
The cost is $495 + GST and on Monday night his health talk “Real Medicine, Real Health” is $10/hd (pay at the door). To register online or for more information go to: www.regonline.com.au/soiltoplatetohealth

RegenAG® in association with South East Burnett Landcare is bringing Joel to the Lockyer Valley.
The cost is $220 per day or $540 3 Day Polyface Masterclass Series Price for all three days. Click on the links below for information and booking.


Joel Salatin: You Can Farm: Masterclass


Joel Salatin: Pastured Poultry: Masterclass


Joel Salatin: Pastured Beef and Pork: Masterclass


I hope this has given you some important information.

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